Dream Catcher Racing

Earnings – Net “Purse” earnings will be distributed to members by DCR no less often than monthly. (Note: Net Earnings = purse earnings of the horse less the 10% the track operator withholds to pay the driver and the trainer.)

DCR will offer membership shares in a specific racehorse at a price based on the current market value of the horse. Each share represents a 1% membership interest in that racehorse.  

Deposit.  In addition to the share price, a $30 (per share) deposit will be collected and will be credited against the first month’s expenses.  (This is a one-time only deposit and only applies to new members).

Dream Catcher Racing (DCR) is set up to provide Fractional Ownership opportunities for members to own an interest in an actively racing Standardbred racehorse. In addition to our basic fractional ownership program outlined below, we occasionally may have special offers; all current offers appear under the Horses & Offers drop down.

Here is how it works:

Expenses – On-going expenses will be billed monthly. For members who own 4 shares or less, these will be billed at a flat rate which is currently $30/mo per share.  A monthly statement will be issued the first week of each month documenting expenses and earnings. If earnings exceed expenses, a check will be issued; if expenses exceed earnings, payment is due 10 days from date of the statement.