Dream Catcher Racing

Buy in price for each share is $280 ($250 + $30). Ongoing expense will be $30 per month.

Offer 2017-2


Price: $250 per share

Shares available: 6


Basic Fractional Ownership Program

The Agreement for this horse is available for download....here.... 

If you are ready to get involved, you can download the agreement, fill out, sign, and mail it in with your check. It is that easy.

BIG GREEN TRACTORis a 6 year old, pacing horse we’ve owned since 2014. With exactly 100 career starts (as of end of 2016) and well over $100K in earnings he has more than earned his way. He set his lifetime mark of 1:51.1 for us at Scioto Downs. He is a popular and competitive “condition” class horse. The FMV for “TRACTOR” is $30,000; however we can make a small number of shares available at a discounted price of $250! This is a fast racehorse with higher earnings potential and one who is fan friendly and fun to follow. “Go TRACTOR”!!

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