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Buy in price for each share is $200 ($170 + $30). Ongoing expense will be $30 per month.

P L HAYMAKER is a 6 year old, bay gelding that we claimed in early January, 2017. He raced last fall at Philadelphia and Pocono. He had 3 wins and was on the board 11 times in his 28 starts last year. He set a new lifetime mark just 2 months ago and shows lifetime earnings at $110,000 in 86 starts. P L HAYMAKER is Ontario sired and is a big, strong racehorse. His recent lines indicate that he likes to be on the front end. We think he can be very competitive in the mid-level claimers at the Ohio tracks. His FMV is $15,000.

Offer 2017-2


Price: $170 per share

Shares available:12


Basic Fractional Owneship Program